Hi! I’m meru.
I live in Tokyo and work as a freelance J > E translator. I blog here about visual novels and eroge along with some other anime and translation related posts from time to time.
I’m passionate about popularizing visual novels in the West.
I am female, but I enjoy a lot of media aimed at males.
Feel free to contact me over on my Twitter.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hello Meru,
    My name is Imam Darmowiguno from Kidalang, I’m writing to let you know that we released a visual novel last Friday for PC on Steam, which we will also release for iOS and Android in a couple of weeks. Would you review An Octave Higher ?

    An Octave Higher is a visual novel that is set in a world inspired by 19th century Europe, but with magic. The basic premise is that magic machines have been invented to make magic accessible to everyone, but the industrial revolution that comes as a result of that invention has divided the society into the bourgeoisie and the proletariat. The latter mostly comprises poor factory workers who assemble magic machines by casting magic spells all day.
    * novel-length storyline
    * hand-drawn backgrounds and story illustrations
    * multiple endings
    Video trailer: http://youtu.be/IawW69NGQFA
    Screenshot gallery: http://kidalang.com/anoctavehigher
    vndb link: https://vndb.org/v17094
    Release date: March 27, 2015
    Published by: Active Gaming Media, based in Osaka, Japan

    You may contact me in my email and I will pass you the Steam Key for your review copy (Full Version)


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