Review: Cartagra

Available from Mangagamer, Cartagra is the first title from publisher Innocent Grey, also responsible for Kara no Shoujo, to which it bears many similarities. This review will contain spoilers.

Review: Swan Song

Swan Song is a story of broken people in a broken world. Developed by FlyingShine in 2005 it’s a gritty and often uncomfortable look at what could happen in the wake of a disaster that brings society to its knees, and feels even more relevant today after the disaster that shook Japan in March 2011.…

Review: Yandere

I am a huge fan of twisted, gory storylines, so I was really looking forward to playing this. Unfortunately it fails to deliver the punch I expected. This review is for the Japanese version of the game.

Review: Kara no Shoujo

I finally finished Kara no Shoujo~! It was kind of difficult coming back to it after a few months away, as the plot is quite complicated, with a lot of different characters and connections to remember, but I soon got back into it. The first couple of times I played through on my own, then I…

First post! (are people still doing that?)

Now that I’ve finally finished my Japanese degree, I can use the subsequent void of unemployment and no money to blog about various passions of mine that include visual novels (mostly eroge), manga, anime, and translation. If anyone with similar interests drops by feel free to comment~ Currently playing: Harumade kururu (はるまで、くるる) Seemed to be nothing…