KARAKARA demo released


KARAKARA will be out next week, but you can play the demo right now!

KARAKARA is a joint endeavor between Japanese studio calme and Sekai Project which was funded via an Indiegogo campaign.

I backed the project as I am a huge fan of p19’s gorgeous art, and I loved the American West-inspired setting. It’s one of my dreams to travel Route 66 and hang out at diners and see the desert, but this game, set in the fictional city of Sagami Francisco, is probably the closest I’m going to get for a while since I can’t even drive yet!

The demo took me about 40 minutes to play through. I love the setting, the art and the music, and, while not much has happened yet, the story had enough intriguing hints to keep me hyped for the full release, in Japanese and English, on the 26th.

If you want to hear more from the creators themselves, check out this introduction to the game with artist p19 and scenario writer Kio Nachi on YouTube (disclaimer: I subtitled it!), and give the demo a try here on Steam.


The character designs are adorable, especially pink-haired Aisia.


p19’s art is so cute and pastely ❤


Why are you sleeping out here Aisia?!


Get your kicks on Route…65?

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