Review: Aozora Meikyuu


Anime tropes abound in this OELVN which has cute art but little substance.

Title: Aozora Meikyuu
Developer: Yume Creations
Playtime: Around 1.5 hours
Buy Aozora Meikyuu here on Steam.
I received a review copy from the developer.

The protagonist in Aozora Meikyuu is a typical hikikomori otaku, a guy who, ever since being rejected many years ago, has given up on reality for the sake of 2D women. One day a naked girl literally falls out of the sky and lands on him, and so begins a story of anime cliche after anime cliche.


The story, while mildly amusing at times, is filled with tired, overused tropes. The mystery of where Sora came from offers a little bit of an incentive to keep reading, but the characters aren’t particularly engaging, and there is no development; the protagonist does a complete 180 overnight from hating anything to do with real life romance, to becoming a complete sap. If the character interactions were fun, witty, and well-written then the game would have some merit as an anime-inspired comedy/slice-of-life experience, but unfortunately that’s not the case.

While the quality of writing actually starts out okay, it quickly declines with myriad typos and awkward sentences. It also does what many other OELVNs are guilty of and makes the writing sound like it’s translated (awkwardly) from Japanese, something that I personally find quite annoying.


There are a few different endings to encounter over the one and a half hours of playtime, including some bad ends, but most of them end very abruptly. One thing I did really like was that the choices were timed, like in a Telltale adventure game, and letting the timer run out counts as saying nothing and leads to different outcomes. This is a neat mechanism and I’d like to see more visual novels experiment with it in the future.

What this game does have going for it is the art, which is really nice. It’s not hugely detailed or distinctive, but it’s pretty and bright. Sora’s sprites are sooooo cute and I enjoyed her variety of adorable expressions. (Maybe my bias for pink haired characters is showing through?)

The music is decent VN fare, although some of it seems out of place, in particular the nighttime music, which is extremely ominous for no discernible reason.


There is an uncensor patch which removes the light flare from the boobies in one CG, but otherwise, this isn’t an adult game. There are non-explicit references to sex, but all sex scenes are of the fade to black variety. It’s on the level of what you’d find in a standard, slightly ecchi, harem anime, and the game is just as forgettable as one of those. Perhaps it might appeal to anime fans looking to kill a bit of time, and I could recommend this VN if you’re a fan of the Sakura series of games, but otherwise it’s one to pass over.

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