Spotlight: The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy’s Summer

2015-11-09_23-01-50 is brimming with free-to-play visual novels, but finding a good one can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. With Spotlight I aim to uncover and share the best of them.

This week we have an extremely short but sweet VN with Chinese voice acting.

So this is super, super short, as in only around 10 minutes long, making it no more than a snapshot of a scene. That scene is a cute little exchange between a boy on a boat going off on a trip he doesn’t care about and a mermaid who climbs out of the sea onto said boat. There’s no real story to it, but their back-and-forth is sweet. It’s voiced (in Chinese), has cute sprites, and the ending music is really nice. Unfortunately there isn’t a single CG, which is a shame, and the English has a couple of errors in it. Still, it’s a nice enough way to spend a quick break in your day.

Also I got a surprise while reading it – the mermaid is called Meru!


It’s meeeee!

Get The Mermaid, the Sea and the Boy’s Summer on for free

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