Review: Yandere


I am a huge fan of twisted, gory storylines, so I was really looking forward to playing this. Unfortunately it fails to deliver the punch I expected.

This review is for the Japanese version of the game.

Story 5/10

The plot is very simple; guy’s parents go away for a week, he starts sleeping around, and the girls he’s playing with get steadily more crazy. I wasn’t expecting anything deep and profound – I just wanted some yandere action.

Yet despite the fact that I wasn’t asking for much, I’m still going to have to give this a low score. The writing is just so repetitive. The same phrases and wording were cropping up again and again (I swear some were even straight cut&paste jobs), and scenes were dragged out with so much unnecessary, inconsequential, circular thinking from our dear protagonist. I got bored, and that shouldn’t be happening in a relatively short game based around such a deliciously twisted theme.

Honestly, I think this game would have benefited from being about half the length. As it is, the points given here are mostly for the concept rather than the execution.


Characters 4/10

There are three girls; Saki (osananajimi), Yuumi (teacher), and Maika (kouhai).

The problem with the characters is that they weren’t really distinct. They each acted pretty much the same towards the protagonist and their madness progressed in the same way. Also, why was each girl a virgin? It would have been way more interesting for Yuumi to have been experienced in that department, and would have added some diversity to the characters.

Maika was by far my favourite of the three as her shy but masochistic personality offered a little more flavour, and it’s fun (is that the right word?) to watch her take it to extremes. The points here are mostly for her.


Art 4/10

Love the expressions on the girls when they go all yandere. Other than that the art is so-so. Of course I loved the gore scenes, but to be honest some of them were disappointing and the blood often looked like it had been done with the smudgy brush on Paint.

H-Scenes 3/10

So repetitive! Each scene played out almost identically, down to the protag immediately getting hard again for round two in a matter of seconds. I did like how the scenes became more desperate and sinister as the game progressed, and Maika’s scenes were quite intense towards the end, but other than that they were mostly skippable.

Sound/Music 3/10

The game is unvoiced, which I don’t have a problem with. The music isn’t great; it gets quite repetitive. And the knocking! So annoying!! I get that it’s MEANT to be annoying, but still.. gah! The ending songs are fun though.


Overall 19/50

Overall this was fantastic concept for a game that is unfortunately let down by repetitiveness and lack of originality. I’d skip it unless you’re a hardcore yandere/gore fan.

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