Inside the VN Box

This is just a simple post to show off the inner packaging of some of the (Japanese) vn I own.

Here’s a comparison of a few different shapes/sizes of packaging. On the bottom right is a BL game in a regular plastic CD/DVD case. All the others are in cardboard boxes with the discs in a jewel case inside.


Kanon’s case is pretty simple.


The following seems to be the most common way of packaging VN recently. You get a cardboard slip cover, with a hard cardboard box inside, inside of which is your disc & instruction manual. It’s the same as how computer games used to be sold, before they moved on to using just the plastic case.


Some VN come in prettier packaging, either for their first press or special editions, or for all editions. This one is Caucasus, it comes in a lovely solid cardboard box, with an artbook. These are my favourite kinds of packaging to get, the others sometimes seem kind of pointless as it’s a big box just for one small CD.


I love the bright artwork on VN boxes, and the extras such as artbooks you sometimes get.. but my big gripe is that the box sizes are not standardized, so they don’t fit neatly on my shelf! Oh well, variety is the spice of life..

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