Kara no Shoujo Mid-Play Impressions


(I haven’t unlocked the gallery yet, so it’s just some stock photos for now)

I started playing Kara no Shoujo a few days, and I am absolutely hooked. It’s the story in particular that has gripped my attention, and I’m really enjoying seeing how things will turn out. I’m not sure how far along I really am, as I’m remaining completely spoiler free for this visual novel, but about a month has passed in-game and I’m on ‘Song 10’. I’ve organised a few of my thoughts below:

The mystery is dark, intriguing, and addictive. It seems to develop in stages; the first part has been wrapped up, but it seems there may still be connections between that and the main crime I’m currently working through. Plus there’s Toko’s story, which seems like it may somehow be connected to everything else that’s going.. although I’ll have to wait and see if I’m right about that. Another aspect of the story I like is the possibility of bad endings. Maybe I’m a bit twisted, but I do like seeing bad endings in visual novels, even if the goal is really to avoid them. But the good thing is, if you save in the right places, you can always return to the ‘right’ choice afterwards and continue on (as I have already had to do once in Kara no Shoujo).


Favourite characters at the moment are Yukari, Natsume, and, of course, Toko. Least favourite is Tojiko. Maybe it’s just her theme music, but I somehow get annoyed everytime she turns up.

First off I’ll say that H-scenes are really not the point of this game, and in fact it could be argued that it would have been better as a visual novel without them. Whatever the case, it does have them (although not many at all so far), so I should give them a mention here. The game has tons of characters, but I’m not sure how many you have the chance to get naughty with. So far I’ve had 1 H-scene with Natsume and 3 with Toko, as well as walking in on Yukari in the bath. Hmm I just realised these correspond with my favourite characters.. I swear that’s not the reason though!!


Kara no Shoujo is a detective/horror story, and as such it does have gory murders. Now I’m quite a fan of gore, and I don’t find anything I’ve encountered so far to be particularly distressing, but those with a weak stomach may have some trouble. The descriptions of the murders (killer’s POV) are probably more extreme than the graphics, but there are still some nice (that doesn’t really seem the right word to use here :/) dismemberment scenes.

That’s it for now; expect a full review when I’ve fully completed it~

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