First post! (are people still doing that?)

Now that I’ve finally finished my Japanese degree, I can use the subsequent void of unemployment and no money to blog about various passions of mine that include visual novels (mostly eroge), manga, anime, and translation. If anyone with similar interests drops by feel free to comment~

Currently playing: Harumade kururu (はるまで、くるる)

Seemed to be nothing more than a nukige, but I wanted to play it for the gorgeous character designs (yeah, I stole Shizuka’s identity for myself), then according to reviews it turns out to actually have a surprisingly involving storyline & great writing. I haven’t got far yet, and the beginning is pretty much just 3 harem H scenes one after the other (not that I’m complaining), but I’m looking forward to playing the rest of it. Favourites based on this limited gameplay are definitely Shizuka & Fuyune. Not that I dislike Harumi! Haven’t really got to meet Akio yet though. I’ll review in more detail when I’ve played one route all the way through.

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